Estate Planning in Arlington County – Wills, Trusts, and Durable Powers of Attorney

Serving Arlington County, we recognize the individuality of each client’s estate. We understand that everyone has unique assets, family dynamics, and objectives. Our commitment is to listen attentively to your needs, enabling us to tailor an estate plan that effectively serves you and your beneficiaries. An estate plan comprises various components, each integral to achieving your specific goals.

Our Comprehensive Estate Planning Services Include


Crafting a will is essential to ensure your property is distributed according to your wishes. Our meticulously drafted wills guarantee that your assets are bequeathed to the intended recipients and that a trusted individual manages your estate, as per your directives, specifically within the legal context of Arlington County.


Trusts are versatile tools in estate planning. They can help achieve various goals such as bypassing probate, reducing tax liabilities, safeguarding beneficiaries, supporting charitable endeavors, and maintaining confidentiality over financial matters. We specialize in creating trusts that meet the specific needs of Arlington County residents.

Durable Powers of Attorney

Establishing a durable power of attorney is crucial. It allows you to designate a reliable person to oversee your financial affairs in the event of incapacity. This is particularly important under the legal frameworks of Arlington County to ensure continuity and security in financial management.

Advance Health Care Directives

Our health care directives empower you to communicate your preferences regarding life-sustaining treatments in terminal conditions. This directive also enables you to appoint someone to convey your healthcare decisions to your family and doctors, ensuring your wishes are respected and followed.

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Our skilled attorneys are here to assist you with your estate planning requirements in Arlington County. For a detailed and personalized consultation, please reach out to us. We recommend visiting our website and completing the “Create a Will or Trust” questionnaire before your consultation to help us better understand your situation and goals.

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