Real Estate Law

We have extensive experience representing developers, investors, buyers, sellers, lenders, architects, homeowners, contractors, engineers, brokers, landlords and tenants in connection with every conceivable type of real estate transaction. Our attorneys are not only the most highly-sought after in Virginia and DC, but they also teach other lawyers the law in various aspects of real estate (see About Us).

Our Real Estate Lawyer Services Include:

  • Real estate broker litigation
  • Commercial and Residential Leasing/Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  • Condominium/Homeowners Association (HOAs) and Real Estate Cooperatives
  • Construction Litigation (General/Sub Contractors Classes A, B and C)
  • New Home Construction and Builder Contract Disputes
  • Mold litigation
  • Title disputes and real estate settlements
  • Real Estate purchase and sale contract disputes
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Partition actions
  • Land use and zoning
  • Mechanic’s liens and stop notices
  • Property management
  • Real estate appraiser malpractice
  • Quiet title actions
  • Adverse Possession Claims
  • Easement and Boundary Line Disputes
  • Injunctions (nuisance, trespass etc.)

Representative Cases:

  • 400,000$+ settlement in partition action under Va. Code 8.01-83. Our firm represented one of the co-owners of real estate encumbered by a mortgage. The other co-owner had failed to make the required mortgage payments, resulting in an undue financial burden on our client. Case was settled favorably.
  • High six figure settlement in deed fraud case. Firm represented defrauded party against two defendants in complex fraud suit involving several forgeries of deeds and client’s signatures to obtain loan proceeds encumbered against client’s real estate.
  • Real Property Construction Dispute. Successfully defended prominent real estate development group in a complex construction dispute involving claims of structural damage to a neighboring property. Plaintiffs sued client seeking 600,000$ in total damages. We had one of the Plaintiffs sanctioned for discovery violations, and the case was eventually settled for $3,800 only.
  • Multi-Expert Mold Litigation. We were retained by the Landlord-Defendant to defend a complex mold-related Tenant Assertion by tenants asserting substantial economic harm and back rent. This case involved three mold experts and the proceeding lasted almost seven hours. Client-Landlord was awarded possession, and we successfully barred tenants from pursuing any damages against client.
  • Prosecuted Serial Fraudster Tenants Who Misrepresented Income, Credit and Employment Information, and Concealed Prior Rental History. Represented former landlord against professional tenants in a warrant in debt action. Obtained the full jurisdictional amount in damages (25,000$), attorney’s fees in the amount of  10,000$, and costs in favor of client.

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