Have You Been Sued In Loudoun General District Court or Circuit Court? Here is what you need to know.

If you are seeking to recovery monetary damages from someone, or being sued for a certain amount, then you need to contact a civil litigation attorney. At Fox & Moghul, our firm handles a variety of civil disputes, including but not limited to, lawsuits related to real estate, landlord tenant, business partnership disputes and fraud, among other types of cases. Once you are served with process (complaint and summons), you have 21 days to respond to the complaint, or else you risk default.

Immediate Steps After Being Sued:

Here is what you need to do immediately after being served:

  1. Contact our firm to schedule a consult, and provide us with a copy of the lawsuit that you have been served with – the sooner you do this, the better.
  2. One of our attorneys will review and analyze your complaint, and discuss the potential responses that could be filed during your consult. Responsive pleadings to a complaint can range from a demurrer (state equivalent of a federal motion to dismiss) to a an answer with affirmative defenses.
  3. Once retained, prepare an organized package of all relevant documents pertinent to the case, and supply them to your attorney.

General District Courts vs Circuit Courts

If you have been sued in general district court, then the claimant cannot recover more than $25,000, exclusive of attorneys fees and costs. However, this limit does not apply to Circuit Courts, which is where a claimant would sue if the damages sought are higher than $25,000.

Our attorneys appear regularly in Loudoun County courts, and can guide you accordingly. Please feel free to visit our Case Results section to review our firm’s prior track record in civil litigation, and the favorable results obtained for clients.

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