High-Stakes Commercial and Business Litigation in Prince William County

High-Stakes Commercial and Business Litigation in Prince William County

Our attorneys are at the forefront of business law representation in Prince William County and are widely recognized as Virginia’s go-to business lawyers. At Fox & Moghul, we have a distinguished track record of resolving intricate business disputes. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a range of commercial and business partnership disputes, advocating in state and federal courts as well as in alternative dispute resolution settings such as mediation and arbitration. Our firm specializes in the following areas:

  • Business Partnership Disputes: Expertise in resolving conflicts within various industries, including technology startups and local retail partnerships.
  • Contract Actions: Handling contract disputes in sectors like construction and service industries, ensuring fair and lawful agreements are upheld.
  • Defamation: Addressing defamation issues for public figures and businesses, particularly in media and online platforms.
  • Business Fraud: Tackling fraudulent practices in industries like finance and e-commerce to protect the integrity of businesses.
  • Business Conspiracy: Unraveling complex conspiracies in sectors such as real estate development and hospitality.
  • Fiduciary Duty Litigation: Ensuring fiduciary responsibilities are met in industries like investment management and corporate governance.
  • Tortious Interference: Addressing unlawful interference in business relationships, especially prevalent in competitive markets like retail and technology.
  • Non-Compete Agreements: Managing disputes over non-compete clauses, crucial in industries with high turnover or competitive information, like IT and consulting.
  • Injunctions and Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs): Securing immediate legal remedies in urgent situations across various industries.

Representative Cases in Prince William County

  • Multimillion-Dollar Fraud, Breach of Contract and Business Conspiracy Lawsuit: Represented an international buyer in the education sector, achieving a favorable settlement in a complex litigation involving a prominent Virginia-based university.
  • Successful Challenge to Venue in International Business Dispute: Advocated for a foreign corporation in a cross-continental breach of contract claim, achieving dismissal on venue grounds.
  • Partnership Dispute/Shareholder Derivative Action: Defended clients in a high-stakes partnership dispute in the corporate sector, resulting in the dismissal of all tort and contract claims.
  • Intra-Member LLC Dispute Over Real Estate Portfolio: Successfully represented a member of an LLC in the real estate industry, restoring their membership rights and privileges.


Results vary based on each case’s unique facts and merits. The outcomes we have achieved do not guarantee similar results in other cases.

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