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At Fox & Moghul, we bring unmatched expertise to our clients in Fauquier County and surrounding areas. Renowned in both Virginia and DC for our prowess in real estate law, our attorneys are also distinguished educators in this field, sharing their extensive knowledge with fellow legal professionals (see our About Us page for more information).

Our Comprehensive Real Estate Lawyer Services in Fauquier County Include:

  • Real Estate Broker Litigation: Specialized in resolving conflicts between real estate agents and clients, ensuring ethical practices and fair resolutions.
  • Commercial and Residential Leasing/Landlord-Tenant Disputes: Skilled in managing lease disputes, evictions, and tenant rights, ensuring just outcomes for all parties.
  • Condominium/Homeowners Association (HOAs) and Real Estate Cooperatives: Offering legal support for HOA and cooperative governance, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Construction Litigation: Representing clients in disputes involving General/Sub Contractors (Classes A, B, and C), focusing on contract adherence and quality of work issues.
  • New Home Construction and Builder Contract Disputes: Assisting in the resolution of disputes related to new home construction, advocating for homeowners and builders.
  • Mold Litigation: Addressing health and safety issues related to mold in properties, representing landlords and tenants.
  • Title Disputes and Real Estate Settlements: Ensuring clarity in property titles and fairness in real estate settlements.
  • Real Estate Purchase and Sale Contract Disputes: Handling legal issues arising from property purchase and sale agreements.
  • Foreclosure Defense: Providing strategic defense for homeowners facing foreclosure.
  • Partition Actions: Assisting in the division or sale of jointly-owned property.
  • Land Use and Zoning: Navigating Fauquier County’s zoning laws for property development and usage.
  • Mechanic’s Liens and Stop Notices: Aiding contractors and suppliers in securing due payment for their services.
  • Property Management Legal Assistance: Offering legal support for various property management challenges.
  • Real Estate Appraiser Malpractice: Addressing issues related to inaccuracies and negligence in property appraisals.
  • Quiet Title Actions: Resolving disputes concerning property ownership.
  • Adverse Possession Claims: Helping clients establish ownership rights over property through adverse possession.
  • Easement and Boundary Line Disputes: Resolving disputes regarding property lines and access rights.
  • Injunctions for Nuisance, Trespass, etc.: Seeking legal solutions for property-related issues.

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