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At Fox & Moghul, we are honored to be recognized as a benchmark in corporate and commercial law representation in Fauquier County and throughout the Virginia region. Our attorneys are acclaimed as the go-to legal experts for businesses in Virginia. Committed to resolving complex corporate disputes, we provide an array of comprehensive legal services to meet diverse corporate and commercial needs, including:

  • Business Entity Formation: Assisting both new and established businesses in Fauquier County with selecting the right structure and guiding them through the formation process.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Business Sales: Offering expert advice through intricate transactions to ensure smooth and advantageous outcomes.
  • Business Valuation and Partner Buyouts: Providing in-depth valuation services and adept negotiation skills for partner buyouts.
  • Virtual General Counsel Services: Delivering ongoing, customized legal support to meet the unique requirements of your Fauquier County business.
  • Business Financing Solutions: Advising on a variety of financing options, including SBA 7(a) loans and other financial mechanisms.
  • Drafting and Negotiating Contracts & Commercial Agreements: Ensuring all contracts, including NNN and office leases, are legally robust and beneficial.
  • Employment, Non-Disclosure, & Non-Compete Agreements: Creating agreements to safeguard your business while adhering to legal standards.
  • Franchising & Franchise Agreements: Providing specialized advice for franchisors and franchisees in managing franchise agreements.
  • Indemnity & Hold Harmless Agreements: Formulating agreements to shield against potential legal claims.

Specialized Industry Focus in Fauquier County:

Our team brings extensive experience across various sectors, offering customized solutions for the unique challenges of each industry:

  • Real Estate: Skillfully managing property transactions, land use, and zoning laws to optimize investments in Fauquier County’s vibrant real estate market.
  • Hospitality: Steering local restaurants, hotels, and service providers through business operations and regulatory compliance.
  • Retail: Catering to the specific needs of Fauquier County’s retail sector, from lease negotiations to adherence to consumer law.
  • Technology: Assisting tech startups and established companies with intellectual property protection, data privacy issues, and securing venture capital funding.

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