Business Licensing

Business Licensing

Successful businesses require relationships with their “chain of supply” and their “distribution networks”. These relationships relate to and involve your sources of supply, the potential of private labeling product, granting or obtaining a license to utilize certain intellectual property and brands and the overall distribution and sale of your products or the delivery of your services.

License Agreements and Relationships
For product manufacturers, importers and distributors and for service providers, our business team provides representation respecting the development, review and implementation of license agreements that are designed to “achieve the task at hand” – that is, the expansion of your business – and to ensure the protection of your intellectual property rights, including royalty structures, payment obligations, agreement renewal and enforcement. In many instances – in connection with the services that our firm provides as “outside general counsel”, we develop a licensing and agreement framework to be applied company wide, and on a consistent basis without the need for continuous attorney involvement.

Private Label Agreements and Relationships
“Private label” is a form of licensing and distribution whereby a manufacturer, importer or distributor sells or distributes product under the “label, brand, or trademark” of its third-party customer or client. For many successful businesses, the establishment of enforceable and meaningful private label relationships is critical to business success. Our firm assists with the preparation, review and implementation of such matters, including the protection and license of the underlying brand name and intellectual property.

Distribution Relationships
If you are a product manufacturer, importer or distributor, the relationships and agreements involving your employees, your sources of supply and the entities that distribute and sell your product are critical to the success of your business. These “distribution relationships” require agreements that start off with confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations to be imposed on your key employees and proceed with the distribution agreements and rights that you may or may not be granting to those within your distribution network. Call us for help if you are in need of business services in this area!

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