Business Attorneys in Arlington County

Business Attorneys in Arlington County

Experienced Business Law Attorneys in Arlington County

At Fox & Moghul, our dedicated team of business law professionals brings expert legal solutions to individuals and enterprises across Arlington County. Based out of our strategically located Fairfax and Tysons Corner offices, we provide robust legal representation tailored to the diverse business landscape of Northern Virginia.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Business Partnership Disputes: Navigating complex disputes to protect your interests.
  • Commercial Litigation: Offering strong defense in shareholder, LLC, and partnership conflicts.
  • Business Transactions: Assisting with the purchase, sale, and structuring of businesses.
  • Contractual Disputes: Enforcing and defending contract terms effectively.
  • Intellectual Property: Safeguarding your trademarks and copyrights.
  • Business Ethics and Fraud: Tackling cases of fraud, conspiracy, and ethical breaches.
  • Employment Law: Drafting and negotiating employment agreements and handling non-compete clauses.

Proven Success in Business Litigation Our track record includes significant victories in high-stakes international and local business disputes, demonstrating our capability to manage complex legal challenges effectively.

  • Successful Challenge to Venue In International Business Dispute. Represented foreign corporation in complex international business dispute spanning several continents. Plaintiff filed a breach of contract claim against client in Virginia. We filed a motion to dismiss for improper venue under Va. Code 8.01-264 and sought costs and attorney’s fees pursuant to Va. Code 8.01-266. Plaintiff eventually non-suited their claim.
  • Partnership Dispute/Shareholder Derivative Action – Represented Defendants in multimillion-dollar (>$10M+) partnership dispute involving claims of fraud, breach of contract, conspiracy, securities fraud etc. related to two corporations. We had all the tort and contract claims dismissed.
  • Intra-Member LLC Dispute Over Real Estate Portfolio. We were retained by one of the several members in an LLC involved in a dispute over a portfolio of properties held by the LLC. We were successfully able to void our clients dissociation and reinstate him as a member with all privileges and voting rights restored.

Insightful Publications Our attorneys are recognized for their thought leadership in business law, contributing to respected legal journals on topics such as shareholder rights, LLCs and business structuring.

For comprehensive legal guidance that aligns with your business objectives in Arlington and beyond, connect with Fox & Moghul today.

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