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What Is Defamation In Virginia? Key Issues You Should Know

By Published by posted in Business Law, Defamation, Litigation on August 13, 2020

WHAT IS DEFAMATION? “In Virginia, as in other states, the law of defamation historically has protected a basic interest. The individual’s right to personal security includes his uninterrupted entitlement to enjoyment of his reputation” Gazette Inc. v. Harris, 229 Va. 1 (1985). Our litigation team at Fox and Moghul focus on the complex area of […]

Can you sue someone for defamation?

By Published by posted in Defamation on August 10, 2020

Have you and your business partner recently severed ties? If you two did not end your business partnership on amicable terms, you may be fearful of defamation. A person’s right against slander may outweigh another person’s right to free speech. In other words, your ex-business partner does not have a right to say malicious and […]

What is Defamation?

By Published by posted in Business Law, Defamation on August 10, 2020

A lot of questions surround defamation, particularly about how it applies to businesses. It a nutshell, defamation is communication with the intent to damage another individual’s or entity’s reputation. To legally qualify as defamation, the claim(s) must be false and expressed to a third party. There are two types of defamation–libel is defamation in the […]

How is business defamation defined?

By Published by posted in Business Law, Defamation on August 10, 2020

What does business to business defamation look like? Many are familiar with personal defamatory acts, but how does it play out between corporations? Here are some elements of business defamation and how the state of Virginia categorizes libel and slander. The Power of Reputation Reputation is arguably the most important asset a company has. When […]

Defamation lawsuits: The most misunderstood area of the law

By Published by posted in Defamation on August 10, 2020

Freedom of speech is an integral part of American society and a constitutional right. However, false statements against another individual can lead to a civil defamation lawsuit. Defamation is a blanket term that covers any statement that hurts a person’s reputation or good name. Defamation law encompasses more than simply hurt feelings as a result […]

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