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How to Form a Corporation in Virginia

By Published by posted in Business Law on December 28, 2020

Many Virginia residents dream of the day they can start their own business, but the process for forming a legal business entity can be confusing. Many entrepreneurs are unsure where they should start or what type of business entity they should use to start their business. Forming a corporation in Virginia may not be as […]

Applying for a Business License: Tips for Virginia Residents

By Published by posted in Business Law on December 28, 2020

Applying for the necessary business licenses is one of the essential steps for starting a small business in Virginia. Businesses are legal entities, meaning they can own bank accounts, own property, and pay taxes almost as if they were a Virginia citizen. In Virginia and every other state, you must obtain a business license before […]

The Virginia Uniform Partnership Act: What is it and How Will it Impact My Business?

By Published by posted in Business Law on December 28, 2020

Are you interested in starting a business with one or more business partners in Virginia? Or, have you already formed a partnership? Understanding the Virginia Uniform Partnership Act (VUPA) will help you as you run your business. Virginia is one of 37 states that has adopted the Revised Uniform Partnership Act. The VUPA  governs business […]

Can I Force My Business Partner to Buy Me Out?

By Published by posted in Business Law on November 6, 2020

It is common for business partners to experience conflict, and in some cases, these disputes are serious. If you have decided that you are not able to reconcile with your business partner, it may be time for you to leave the company altogether. If you want to leave your business, but your other partner or […]

Tips for Avoiding Partnership Disputes

By Published by posted in Business Planning on November 6, 2020

Starting a new business with a partner is exciting, but partnership disputes are bound to happen. Hopefully, you have spent time considering whether your partner is trustworthy and has a keen business sense. Most people who go into business together get along and feel excited about their new company’s future success. However, starting a business […]

The Importance of Partnership Agreements

By Published by posted in Business Planning on November 5, 2020

Writing a business partnership agreement will help you and your partner carefully detail the terms of your business relationship. Whether you are part of a limited partnership or a limited liability partnership, it is important to take the time to write your partnership agreement carefully. Forming a business is exciting, and it can be challenging […]

The Most Common Types of Business Disputes

By Published by posted in Business Law on November 5, 2020

Starting a business is often a rewarding, yet challenging endeavor. Ensuring that your business is profitable is likely at the forefront of your mind. It is also important to consider the types of business disputes that could arise after starting your business. Many new business owners are surprised to learn of the many types of […]

Business Debt & Partnerships: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself

By Published by posted in Business Law on November 5, 2020

If you have decided to start a small business with a partner, or you already own a business with a partner, it is wise to take steps to protect yourself. Many small businesses throughout the United States operate as general partnerships. However, very few business owners understand how to protect their legal interests should something […]

Can You Get Out of Your Non-Compete Agreement in Virginia?

By Published by posted in Contract Law on September 16, 2020

When signing an employment contract with a new company for an exciting job, it’s easy to skip over reading the non-compete agreement. When an employee signs a non-compete agreement in Virginia, they are contractually bound by the agreement. If the employee violates that agreement, he or she could face devastating legal consequences. Before you sign […]

Five of the Best Asset Protection Methods in Virginia

By Published by posted in Estate Planning, Litigation on September 16, 2020

During these uncertain financial times, many Americans are concerned with protecting their assets. When markets are fluctuating, and the future is unknown, asset protection is incredibly important. Making a plan to protect your assets before a crisis happens to you and your family can help you protect your future. There are several strategies Virginia residents […]

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