Mold Litigation

Mold Litigation and Moisture Control: Your Trusted Mold Lawyer in Virginia

Navigating the complexities of Mold Litigation requires a specialized Mold Lawyer who is well-versed in Moisture Control and indoor air quality. Our firm is a leading authority in this niche area, offering a comprehensive suite of legal services to tackle the intricate challenges of mold disputes.

Expertise in Mold Litigation

Our Mold Lawyers have a proven track record in handling some of the most complex mold cases in Virginia. We collaborate with highly qualified mold experts, industrial hygienists, and microbiologists to build a strong defense or claim for our clients. Our extensive experience in construction law further enhances our ability to serve you effectively.

Where Does Mold Occur?

Understanding the conditions that lead to mold growth is crucial for Moisture Control. Mold thrives in damp, poorly ventilated areas, often near leaks in roofs, windows, or plumbing. Effective Mold Control is essential to prevent costly removal and health risks.

The Science of Mold Litigation: A Battle of Mold Experts

Mold Litigation has seen a surge in recent years, with increasing claims for personal injury and property damage. Despite this, the science behind the health effects of mold exposure remains a subject of debate. Our Mold Lawyers are skilled in leveraging expert testimony to strengthen your case.

Key Strategies for Moisture Control

  • Promptly repair leaky plumbing and external leaks.
  • Monitor for condensation and wet spots.
  • Manage indoor air moisture levels through ventilation or dehumidifiers.
  • Maintain clean and functional HVAC drip pans.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain HVAC systems, especially if mold contamination is suspected.
  • Ensure proper drainage around building foundations.

Representative Mold Litigation Cases

  • Multi-Expert Mold Litigation (Prince William General District Court) – We were retained by the Landlord-Defendant to defend a complex mold-related Tenant Assertion by tenants asserting substantial economic harm and back rent. This case involved three mold experts and the proceeding lasted almost seven hours. Client-Landlord was awarded possession, and we successfully barred tenants from pursuing any damages against client.
  • Complex Mold Litigation (Arlington County Circuit Court) – We were retained by tenants in a condominium complex to sue the Landlord and property manager who failed to properly remediate toxic mold on the premises. As a result, the property had dangerous levels of toxic mold that caused severe allergic reactions to the tenants. Case settled favorably.
  • Defense of Mold Claims Related to Property Damage and Rent Abatement (Fairfax County General District Court). Successfully defended landlord who was sued for thousands of dollars in damages by tenants over alleged mold on the property claimed to have been caused by landlord’s negligent repairs. We countersued for damages and were able to have all of the tenants’ mold-related claims stricken at the conclusion of the Plaintiffs case. Further, the landlord was ruled to be the substantially prevailing party and was awarded recovery of attorney’s fees.
  • Constructive Eviction and Lead In The Water (Stafford County) – We represented the Landlord whose tenant has filed suit for back rent and damages after the discovery of lead in the water. We prevailed after resorting to some creative lawyering to block the other side from introducing key pieces of evidence. Client prevailed in an otherwise difficult case.
  • Tenant Constructive Eviction and Mold Lawsuit (Arlington General District Court) – Mold Litigation. We were retained by the tenants to recover damages form the landlord who failed to timely and property repair water leakage on the premises, which later causes the growth and proliferation of mold on the premises. We were able to obtain sufficient evidence of neglect on the part of the landlord to obtain a highly favorable settlement for our clients.

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